• Insurance that Protects Your Collection

    Most people are collectors. Whether you accumulate books, jewelry, shoes, guns, coins, stamps or action figures, many people have an interest in collecting some item or another. Unfortunately, some collectors do not realize their prized possessions are not covered by their homeowners insurance policy in the event of damage or theft until they attempt to file a claim.Standard homeowners insurance personal contents coverage typically limit reimbursement for items such as jewelry, artwork, fur coat...  Read More

  • Individual Life Insurance Can Be Right for Anyone

    Unfortunately, your financial obligations are not likely to go away when you die. And while this is an unpleasant reality, there is also a very simple solution: life insurance.Life insurance is one way to provide some financial support to your family upon your death, whether you have debts to pay or you simply want to provide for your own burial services. The proceeds from a life insurance policy’s death benefit make cash available to pay your debts, final expenses and estate taxes.   Read More

  • Young Adults Need Insurance Too!

    Young Adults Need Insurance Too!Having just graduated from college and gotten married, I was at a loss for where to start when it came to insurance because my parents had always handled it for me. However, my husband and I had to figure out what kind of insurance we needed in order to protect ourselves from the unknown. I’m sure many of you in today’s younger generation are in the same position I was in, asking yourself, “What types of insurance do I need?” As someone who...  Read More

  • 5 Steps to Take After an Accident

    5 Steps to Take After an AccidentAn automobile accident is a scary and stressful situation regardless if it's your fault or not. I talk to a lot of people after they've been in an accident and they are so shaken up that they have difficulty giving me the details of how the accident happened. I can't blame them.   Read More

  • Post Featured Image

    Does My Home Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

    Most homeowners insurance policies are designed to provide coverage for damage caused by storms, including rain, hail, tornadoes, wind and lightning. But not every policy is the same, and much depends on how the damage occurs. You must review your homeowners policy every year to make sure that you understand how your policy can help you pay for repairs and lost property after a storm.Most home insurance policies pay for damage caused by storms, but with a few exceptions.   Read More

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