• A Regular Sprinkling of Maintenance

    A Regular Sprinkling of MaintenanceAs I sat down and pondered what to write for this month’s blog, I thought about the many fire safety resources generated this time of year regarding holiday hazards such as live Christmas trees or overloading electrical outlets. And yes, these are very important topics that all of us should review to make sure we are properly protecting our homes and businesses. But this week I was reminded of another annual fire safety task for businesses that can someti...  Read More

  • 5 Ways to Ready Your Home for Winter

    5 Ways to Ready Your Home for WinterAs the holidays near and the air grows cold, there are many things that need checked off the to-do list before Jack Frost begins “nipping at your nose.” Being a first-year homeowner, I need to check my to-do list for my home before I can begin to think of my other lists, like holiday shopping. Here are just a few things on my list that you might want to consider checking around your home too:Window well and crawl space coversMoisture can freeze, ca...  Read More

  • Shop But Don’t Drop (Your Coverages) - How to Avoid Black Friday Claims

    Shop But Don’t Drop (Your Coverages) - How to Avoid Black Friday ClaimsEvery year, my family and I look forward to our Thanksgiving traditions. We eat Thanksgiving dinner, watch TV, eat more Thanksgiving dinner, and then start making our Black Friday plans. We research all of the big deals, and then start thinking about our strategy.   Read More

  • 7 Factors Affecting Your Homeowners Insurance Rate

    7 Factors Affecting Your Homeowners Insurance RateEver wonder what dictates the rate you’re being charged for the insurance on your home? Every insurance company rates differently, but here are some factors your insurer could be taking into consideration.Marital Status - history shows married couples are less likely to file a claim, which means a married couple might get a lower rate than a single homeowner.Dog Breed - certain dog breeds are considered more dangerous and more likely to...  Read More

  • A Sprinkling of Facts About Your Sprinkler System

    A Sprinkling of Facts About Your Sprinkler SystemHave you ever seen the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Kindergarten Cop? In a scene near the end of the movie, a school is being evacuated because of a fire. Although the fire is contained in a small area of the building, the sprinklers throughout the entire building are going off.   Read More

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