Financial Services

Financial Services

Starr-Mathews Financial, LLC

Our careers began with common roots as independent CPA’s focused on review, analysis and client reporting, free of bias and financial conflict. The green visor was cast off years ago, but our core competency remains intact. Independence, professional competency, and client-centered engagements are what we demand.

We do not sell products, but instead offer strategies for designing, implementing and monitoring your retirement plan and wealth management strategy. Design and implementation are crucial, but periodic monitoring is perhaps the most critical component to success.

Retirement Plan Services

Our retirement plan strategy is an all-inclusive approach to deliver a retirement plan to our client. We create customized strategies for our clients by integrating the basic moving parts of a 401(k). Because we operate in a fee-only open architecture environment, we are never beholden or limited by the restrictions associated with a bundled product. We operate under a fiduciary model whereby we accept the responsibility to always put the interest of our client ahead of our own.
Common retirement plan solutions we offer clients include: fund selection and monitoring, participant education, plan design, government compliance/reporting, and investment policy statement design.

Wealth Management

With a team of licensed Certified Financial Planners and CPAs guiding our firm, our fee-only Wealth Management practice was founded on two fundamental values. First, the environment in which we execute our client’s financial planning decisions will be free of conflicts of interest. Second, our client base will be controlled so that our ability to properly service each client is never diminished.

Some of the most common financial planning topics we address on behalf of our clients are: Retirement Planning, Investment Management, Tactical Asset Allocation, Cash Flow Planning, and Income Tax Planning and Estate Tax Avoidance.

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