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  • 6 Tips to Save on Energy Costs This Winter

    6 Tips to Save on Energy Costs This Winter  With cold temperatures moving in, many are looking for ways to cut down on utility costs. In a previous article we discussed “The Thermostat Wars” that often occur in homes and how adjusting the thermostat can save you a bundle, but here are a few other tips for saving money:Wash Clothes with cold or eco-warm water when possible.Use LED and CFL lighting. According to one estimate, replacing 20 incandescent bulbs with LEDs could result in a sa...  Read More

  • As Your Life Changes, So Should Your Insurance Policy

    As Your Life Changes, So Should Your Insurance PolicyOne of the most exciting times in life is purchasing a new home, whether it's your first starter home or your final retirement home. It’s an investment of money, but more importantly, it’s a commitment to family, life, and love. Purchasing the appropriate homeowners policy is the first step to protecting your investment, but continuing to update the policy as you make any substantial life changes is what will give you the peace of mind that yo...  Read More

  • Don’t Underestimate the Danger: Prepare for Tomorrow's Flood Today

    Don’t Underestimate the Danger: Prepare for Tomorrow's Flood TodayAs I sit here jotting down my thoughts by hand, enjoying the sun shining through the window as my source of light, I'm reflecting on the many things I'm thankful for: the basics like clean running water, my family and friends, and certainly the very breath that I'm breathing. The recent storms and flooding in Oklahoma and Texas have made me appreciate what I have. Too many lives were lost in the recent storms and those deaths coul...  Read More

  • When Good Vacations Go Bad: Are You Covered?

    The kids are out of school, the days are getting longer, the weather is warm, and you have the car packed and ready to go. It's summer vacation time! You've been planning and saving for months for that perfect summer vacation with the family, but what happens if not everything goes as planned?   Read More

  • Insurance that Protects Your Collection

    Most people are collectors. Whether you accumulate books, jewelry, shoes, guns, coins, stamps or action figures, many people have an interest in collecting some item or another. Unfortunately, some collectors do not realize their prized possessions are not covered by their homeowners insurance policy in the event of damage or theft until they attempt to file a claim.Standard homeowners insurance personal contents coverage typically limit reimbursement for items such as jewelry, artwork, fur coat...  Read More

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