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  • Communication Skills "Speak" Volumes

    Communication, and understanding its importance, is paramount to the success of any business. Proper communication skills are just as important in each of our individual lives as well. We've all dealt with a person or business that possessed less than adequate communication skills.   Read More

  • The Benefits of Working with an Independent Agent

    Having worked in the insurance industry for ten years, I have received many calls, e-mails, and texts from friends and family regarding their insurance needs. I am more than happy to assist where I can, but my conversations with them seem to always end with one question, “Do you have an independent agent?” Like many not in the insurance industry, insurance can be an unknown. It’s something that you know you need to have, but don’t fully understand how it works.   Read More

  • Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agent?

    You have a lot of choices in how and from whom you buy your home, auto and other insurance policies. How can you know which is the best way—and the best person—to buy from? What makes one agent more able to meet your needs than another?We can’t speak for every agent out there, but we certainly can speak about the benefits of choosing an independent insurance agent versus a captive agent or an online service.   Read More

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