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  • Are You Unsure about Uninsured Motorists Coverage?

    Are You Unsure about Uninsured Motorists Coverage?Since nearly every state in the United States requires some minimum level of liability insurance to operate a motor vehicle, one may be left wondering why they would need to purchase uninsured motorists coverage.Unfortunately, we all know that just because the law says we’re supposed to do something, doesn’t mean that everyone will. According to the Insurance Research Council (IRC), it’s estimated that 14 percent of drivers nati...  Read More

  • Price vs. Coverage - Will a Cheap Insurance Policy Really Protect You in the Event of a Loss?

    Is the cheapest insurance policy really the best for your needs? Would you choose the least expensive financial planner to set up your retirement or the cheapest attorney to handle a legal matter? Read on for some wonderful insight from Central Insurance Companies about the hidden costs of cheap insurance.    Read More

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